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January 2015

Team Fight to Walk begins Pushups for Paralysis!

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New York, NY (January 27, 2015) –Captain Boyd “Rainmaker” Melson and Team Fight to Walk have started the Pushups for Paralysis challenge. Melson created the challenge to assist fundraising efforts for America’s first clinical trial to help cure Chronic Spinal Cord Injuries.

Yesterday, Melson, who donates 100% of his purses towards the trial, posted a video where he completed ten pushups. After finishing the pushups, Melson called out other members of Team Fight to Walk including Danny Jacobs, Marcus Browne, Riddick Bowe, Anthony Mason, Christan Zaccagnino, Paul Williams and Eric LeGrand to complete the challenge.

Like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Pushups for Paralysis’ goal is to raise both funds and awareness through social media. Each participant is challenged to do 10 pushups, call out others to participate then donate $10 to If they are unable to complete ten, participants are asked to donate an additional $1 for each incomplete pushup. For example, if only six pushups are completed, the donation would be $14. The goal is to raise $5,000,000 so the trial could take place in 2015 following delays due to funding issues.

“The world saw how powerful the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was and we all participated” said Melson. “More than $100 million was raised for ALS and everybody was talking about it. I’m challenging everybody out there to complete 10 pushups and donate $10 to to help cure paralysis. Through widespread efforts, I have no doubt that our goals can be met. Ultimately, America will benefit by seeing hundreds of thousands of people confined to wheelchairs from Spinal Cord Injuries walking again following the trials.”

For more information on teamfighttowalk, go to All participants are asked to use the hashtag #pushupsforparalysis.

A video of Melson’s Pushups for Paralysis can be seen at

Melson to receive “Heart of a Champion” Award

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Melson to receive “Heart of a Champion” Award

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New York, NY (January 15, 2015) – Humanitarian and junior middleweight boxer Captain Boyd “Rainmaker” Melson will receive the “Heart of a Champion” award from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Sunday, January 25.

The award will be given during a special fundraiser for St. Jude titled “NY Champions for St. Jude” taking place at O’Neill’s of Maspeth in Queens, NY. More than 2,000 people are expected to attend the event, which will include a good amount of professional athletes from various sports, celebrities, and overall supporters of St. Jude and its mission. The event will be hosted by New York Rangers legend and Hockey Hall of Famer Brian Leetch.

Founded in 1962 by entertainer Danny Thomas, the goal of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures and means of prevention for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Through the years, St. Jude has focused significantly on providing care for children suffering from different forms of cancer. Consistent with the vision of Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or family’s ability to pay.

Since turning pro in 2010, Melson’s received mainstream attention in and outside of the boxing world for donating 100% of his fight purses towards helping find a cure for Spinal Cord Injuries in the United States. Melson, along with Christan Zaccagnino, founded Team Fight to Walk and recruited notable professional athletes to join the fight to cure paralysis. The past two years, Team Fight to Walk’s hosted their annual fundraising gala “Fighting for the Cure,” that helped raise additional significant funds. Due to their admirable efforts through Team Fight to Walk, Melson and Zaccagnino were profiled by various large media outlets.

“This is an incredible honor.” Melson said of the recognition from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. “I met a young girl a few years back, who was 10 years old at the time, and her name is Lilly; I call her my lil’ flower. When she was a few months old, she developed Astrocytoma where she developed a cancerous tumor along her spinal cord. When the surgeons removed the tumor, she was left paralyzed. She was not even a year old, and she is now 14. She has only known life looking up from a wheelchair. Cancer paralyzed her.”

“Well Lilly my lil’ flower, cancer paralyzed you, and you are so very special to me, that I am proud to risk my life in the ring just so one day selfishly, I can hug you while you are standing. This award I am receiving is a gift from me to you as my way of saying thank you for being in my life. Little do you know lil’ flower that you have helped me never give up.” Melson closed by saying that “like St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Team Fight To Walk’s goal is to bring hope to families and show those that are suffering that hope is light in the darkness.”

Tickets to the fundraiser are available and the event takes place from 1-8 pm. All adult ticketholders can enjoy a complementary buffet, live music, silent and live auctions and a live raffle drawing. Children under 12 will receive the buffet, unlimited juice or soda and family friendly entertainment.

For more information on Team Fight to Walk or to donate, go to All questions about Team Fight to Walk or Spinal Cord Injuries can be emailed

Melson Mourns the Loss of Bernie Lenahan

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New York, NY (January 11, 2015) – Bernie Lenahan was a rare breed by today’s boxing standards. Not only was he dedicated to the sport, spending countless hours at New York’s Mendez Boxing Gym, Lenahan was an honest family man that built special friendships with his fighters.

Having worked with various fighters in the Big Apple, Lenahan learned his craft by spending time around New York’s greats. He guided multiple fighters to New York Golden Gloves titles and played a key role during his four years as Boyd Melson’s assistant trainer and cutman. In multiple fights, Lenahan prevented tides from potentially turning by effectively closing Melson’s cuts between rounds. He was also in the gym guiding Melson as he prepared for battle.

Shockingly, Lenahan passed away last week, leaving behind a wife, daughter, granddaughter, two sisters and a brother.

“I spent more time with Coach Bernie these past four years than any other man on this planet,” said Melson. He made me his. My heart broke when I heard the news, and a part of it will be broken until my time is up in my own body. It wasn’t just because of how he loved me and how much I loved him that this hurts me so much, but it is because when Coach passed, hundreds and hundreds of people lost something very special.”

“Coach Bernie offered an unconditional kindness, acceptance and welcoming that you only find in children. When you see a child, you know that you won’t be judged, and you will be offered love for no other reason beyond that child just wanting to love you. At some time in almost all humans’ lives, we tend to lose this. We stop loving everyone, and we start judging everyone. With Coach though, we felt safe as seeing him put instant smiles on our faces because we always felt loved and welcomed. He made you feel that he truly wanted you there and really cared about you. I wish everyone alive on this planet could have met Coach Bernie to experience that feeling. At the end of every practice for the past three years, I hugged Coach Bernie, kissed him on the side of his forehead, thanked him for training me that day, and said I love you to him. He would smile and quietly say “love you too.” Forever and a day, I thank you Coach for this.”

Donations to the Lenahan family can be made by going to